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  • Silicon Valley, Coming Soon to a Clinic Near You

    Silicon Valley, Coming Soon to a Clinic Near You

    In recent years, healthcare startups have seen a significant increase in interest from investors and venture capital firms in Silicon Valley—and for good reason. Healthcare has long been an industry in need of disruptive innovation, occupied by corporate behemoths and subject to monopolistic activity. These industry practices have contributed to ballooning health costs for Americans, […]


  • Ebola: The New Race for the Cure

    Ebola: The New Race for the Cure

    The latest threat to international security and geopolitical stability comes not from the threat of terrorism or organized crime, but from a particle less than 1/100 the width of a human hair. The Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976, during an outbreak in the country of Zaire which killed nearly 300. Since then, researchers […]

  • Biotechnology: The New Frontier in Healthcare

    Biotechnology: The New Frontier in Healthcare

    Biotechnology refers to the utilization of microorganisms and biologically based processes to provide novel solutions to pressing issues in society and meet human needs on both macroscopic and individualized scales. Today, the biotechnology industry is a rapidly growing and multidisciplinary field encompassing agricultural technologies, environmental engineering, genomics, drug discovery, and biologically-derived fuels. Indeed, the past […]

  • Wearable Technology and Healthcare: An Inevitable Merger in the Making

    Wearable Technology and Healthcare: An Inevitable Merger in the Making

    The data collection of consumer habits, experiences, and buyer conditions has indubitably been a point of focus for many of the world’s largest corporations, especially those whose businesses hinge a good deal on coming up with “the next big thing” to stay relevant. Namely, the technology sector, which hasn’t insofar failed to convince the newest […]

  • An Unexpected Matter

    This year at the Philipps University Marburg in Germany, Mackillo Kira was among a group of physicists who unintentionally pioneered the discovery of a novel state of matter now fit to join the ranks consisting previously of solids, liquids, gases, plasma, supercritical fluids, and Bose-Einstein condensates. Known informally as a “dropleton’, or quantum droplet, this composite […]

  • Amazon: The Fire Phone

    On Wednesday, Amazon made its first foray into the smartphone market with the release of the Fire Phone, a device that handily matches the best efforts of well-established players in the smartphone market such as Samsung, Google, and Apple, and packs a few more punches in for good measure. But do these standout features, which […]